A Krutch of Ice and Fire

The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr

 My Review Goodreads I was hesitated to give 5 stars to this George RR Martin’s short story, because as far as I am concerned there are even more powerful short stories written by him. However, I changed my mind and give it 5 stars, reminding myself not only the plot, but mainly the whole feeling… Continue reading The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr


Thinking through movies

Recently, I saw “Submarine”, an alternative-indie-comedic-dramatic-romantic movie. All those features combined in a beautiful bizarre way. It is not one of the movies that will leave you surprised by their plot, but it makes you be truly interested about how this will go on through Oliver Tate’s mind, a 15-old boy that struggles with family and… Continue reading Thinking through movies


Ocean is not for drinking (Poem by thekrutch)

Check out my new poem about gratitude and take a look at the interpretation below: “Ocean is not for drinking” The winter is for those who are cold For the bear who is sleeping For the lost who is missing The rain is for the man in the street who has left with no umbrella searching for a… Continue reading Ocean is not for drinking (Poem by thekrutch)